EDI Award

The EDI committee for the School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science (EEECS) are pleased to announce a peer-nominated EDI student award, in recognition to outstanding student achievement/s, in promoting and/or enhancing equality, diversity, and inclusion, within the School or University. The recipient of the award will receive an official certificate and monetary award of £50. Further details on eligibility, criteria, nomination and selection processes are provided below.

1.1 Eligibility and criteria 

  • Both nominator and nominee must be students of the University of Liverpool, and the nominee must also be a student of the School of EEECS.
  • The application must showcase outstanding achievement/s in promoting and/or enhancing equality, diversity, and inclusion activities within the School or University. See appendix A for examples of related EDI activities.
  • The application must include evidence to support the case.
  • Nominations are only valid for the academic year in which they are submitted and based on the achievements in respective or recent years.
  • There is no limit on the number of nominations from given individual.
  • All submitted nominations will be reviewed and judged by the EDI selection committee.


1.2 Nomination Requirements/Process

To nominate a student for the award, the nominator must submit a single application (see template in Appendix B on the form) with the following required information:

a) Agreement from nominee: Basic background information (e.g. University email address, programme and year of study) of the nominee is required, in addition to a signed statement (no more 200 - 300 words) from the nominee in agreement to the nomination.

b) Nomination case: The case must include accomplishments and contributions of the nominee satisfying the above criteria. The case should describe any particular initiative(s) and/or behaviour(s) that has contributed to creating a safe, inclusive, and/or tolerant environment thereby fostering more positive experiences for students. The case can be prepared in collaboration with the nominee, and presented as either a description (no more than 500 words with images/illustrations, where applicable) and/or short video (approx. 3 - 5 minutes).

c) Further endorsement: Signed statement of support (no more 200 – 300 words) is recommended, for example from an academic advisor or project supervisor, in support to the nomination.

d) Consent Form: Both nominator and nominee should sign a consent form to allow any information provided in the case to be sign-posted within the School or University newsletters and/or website as an example of best practice, if successful.


1.3 Selection Process

All submitted applications will be reviewed and judged by the School’s EDI selection committee to ensure high-quality nominees are identified, and respective achievements meet the criteria for the award. Awards will not be offered, if the committee deems the application does not met the criteria.


1.4 Deadline/ Submission 

Firstly, download the form, fill it out by completing Appendix B: Application template. 

EDI Award - Form to download

Submit the application by email to Dr Munira Raja (mraja@liv.ac.uk) no later than 5pm on Monday 22nd April 2024. Applications can be submitted anytime before the deadline but within the academic year 2022/23. Successful candidate/s will be contacted by email in June 2024, and an announcement will be made in the School’s newsletter and EDI webpage.







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