Introduction to Supporting Student Learning (Stage 1 FLTHE)

COVID-19 update

You will be aware that the University has suspended all face-to-face teaching for the remainder of the academic year. Please see the related FAQs from The Academy.  

This will affect the face-to-face delivery of this programme but it is our intention to continue to support your development in this programme.

In its place, we will hold online webinars supported by online activities to be completed through the VLE. If you are already registered on the programme, you should have been notified about the next steps through an announcement sent via the VLE. Please check the VLE regularly for updates.

If you are not yet registered, please read the relevant information below to express interest in registering on any forthcoming workshops/programme.

For any questions, please do get in touch with The Academy

This one day introductory workshop is designed to address some of the essential skills and understanding needed for effective teaching at university. This is an interactive workshop, where participants will have opportunities to address their own questions and concerns about teaching throughout. It assumes that participants have little or no previous teaching experience.

The content will cover:

  • Introduction to Learning and Teaching theory in HE
  • Facilitating active learning in different contexts, from small to large groups
  • An introduction to Demonstrating (for those who are interested in this)
  • Supporting learning through authentic assessment and feedback
  • Effective communication and inclusive practice in a diverse classroom.

There are no pre-requisites to participating in this programme. You do not have to be actively teaching in HE to register. However, if you do have a teaching opportunity, this content also forms the first part (Stage 1) of the FLTHE programme.

Please contact The Academy ( if you have any queries about the programme.

Register to participate in Introduction to Supporting Student Learning:

Please apply to attend one of these options below.
Minimum numbers will apply and if the minimum threshold is not reached you will be offered an alternative option:   

Cohort 1. Enrol on Canvas - 17 August
1st webinar - 3 September 10am-12pm
2nd webinar - 15 September 1-3pm
Complete by 18 September

Cohort 2. Enrol on Canvas 14 September
Welcome webinar - 15 September 10-11am
1st webinar - 29 September 10am-12pm
2nd webinar - 15 October 1-3pm
Complete by 22nd October

Cohort 3. Enrol on Canvas 28 September
Welcome webinar - 28 September 10-11am
1st webinar - 15 October 10am-12pm
2nd webinar - 2 November 1-3pm
Complete by 6 November

Cohort 4. Enrol on Canvas 19 October
Welcome webinar - 19 October 10-11am
1st webinar - 2 November 10am-12pm 
2nd webinar - 16 November 1-3pm 
Complete by 20 November

Cohort 5. Enrol on Canvas - 25 January
Welcome webinar - 25 January 3-4pm
1st webinar - 12 February 10am-12pm  
2nd webinar - 23 February 1-3pm 
Complete by 26 February

Cohort 6. Enrol on Canvas - 22 February
Welcome webinar - 22 February 10-11am
1st webinar - 10 March 10am-12pm  
2nd webinar - 23 March 1-3pm 
Complete by 26 March

Cohort 7. Enrol on Canvas - 8 March
Welcome webinar - 8 March 10-11am
1st webinar - 23 March 10am-12pm 
2nd webinar - 7 April 1-3pm 
Complete by 9 April

Cohort 8. Enrol on Canvas - 6 April
Welcome webinar - 7 April 10-11am
1st webinar - 20 April 10am-12pm  
2nd webinar - 5 May 1-3pm 
Complete by 7 May