Liverpool Fellows Network (LFN)

The Liverpool Fellows Network (LFN) is a shared space for Principal Fellows, Senior Fellows, National Teaching Fellows and CATE Award winners from across the institution. LFN is regarded as a highly respected and influential group of educational leaders who lead on championing collaboration and dissemination of practice to further promote and embed effective learning and teaching. Membership of LFN is automatic for staff who have achieved high level fellowships as a result of their demonstrated educational leadership.

Based in The Academy, LFN drives forward the implementation of strategic themes in education as well as explores, supports and promotes effective practice in learning and teaching across the University. LFN’s work is underpinned by an evidence base and scholarly approach that is influenced by national and international perspectives, research and practice developments.

What are the benefits of being a part of LFN?

  • Membership of an online Teams channel to connect with a supportive, knowledgeable and like-minded network of colleagues from across the University with a shared passion for enhancing education and exploring pedagogic innovation
  • Opportunity to contribute to a wide range of Special Interest Conversations that bring together cross-institutional colleagues around education-based interests with a view to the improvement of personal practice, the development of the educational experience and the influence of University policy
  • Opportunity to contribute to the Academic CPD series, the Academy Podcast, the Academy online resources and the Learning & Teaching / Ped Res Conferences with a view to inform professional practice and promotion of innovation in education for the broader L&T community
  • Ensure continued good standing as educational leaders, in relation to Fellowship accreditation, through ongoing engagement with the activities of LFN
  • Opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and experience of educational leadership with a view to career development
  • Support the work of the Department, School or Faculty by communicating ideas from across the University with a view to local dissemination and implementation
  • Understanding of one’s unique contribution as an educational leader to learning and teaching and how it fits the larger University picture.

What the LFN brings to the University

  • A means to access the expertise and experience of staff who have coordinated and led learning and teaching initiatives and have influenced the practice of their peers in education
  • Leadership of a range of activities that align with the University’s Education strategic priorities and the Liverpool Curriculum Framework.
  • An internal network of expertise to stimulate and support the development of pedagogic enquiry with a view to informing education and ensuring the dissemination of evidence informed practice
  • The reviewing of national and international pedagogic initiatives and appraising the impact and benefit of such initiatives for the University
  • A supportive network that seeks to foster professional development across the academic career path in relation to education.

The Liverpool Fellows Network (LFN) is an online shared space for Principal Fellows, Senior Fellows, National Teaching Fellows and CATE Award winners from across the institution. If you would like to be added to the Liverpool Fellows Network Teams Channel please contact

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