CPD Opportunities

COVID-19 update

You will be aware that the University has suspended all face-to-face teaching for the remainder of the academic year. Please see the related FAQs from The Academy.  

This will affect the face-to-face delivery of CPD workshops but it is our intention to continue to support your development.

Workshops and training will be replaced through the provision of online learning resources. Please register through CoreHR as usual and you will be sent the relevant information.

Any questions, please do get in touch with Dr Alex Owen a.e.owen@liverpool.ac.uk.

The role of The Leadership, Organisational, Professional and Academic Development Academy (The Academy) is to promote and enable organisational excellence through the strategic development of the University’s people and practices. One way that we achieve this is by providing opportunities for continuous professional development for individuals through CPD workshops and seminars.

Explore the opportunities available:

For queries, please contact The Academy: theacademy@liverpool.ac.uk