The Academic Development team and the Centre for Innovation in Education organise three annual conferences that support learning and teaching, educational/pedagogic research and researcher development:


Educational/ Pedagogic Research conference

University of Liverpool
Educational/Pedagogic Research Conference
Developing pedagogic research; getting published
This conference is to support staff who are researching their learning and teaching practice and who are intending to publish their work.
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Researcher Conference

Researchers conference

University of Liverpool
Research Staff Conference
Sharing good practice
The Liverpool research staff conference provides researchers with a platform for sharing good practice and identifying areas for personal and professional development.
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Learning and Teaching Conference

University of Liverpool
Learning and Teaching Conference
Recognising and sharing teaching excellence
The purpose of the L&T conference is to share good practice from around the institution, raise awareness of the quality of teaching taking place and provide a forum for staff to present new ideas on learning, teaching and assessment for discussion with fellow practitioners.
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