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Developing Your Teaching

The Academic Development team offer a range of development programmes for colleagues wishing to gain teaching qualifications. On this page you will find out how you can develop your academic practice and enhance your career through the programmes and opportunities on offer.

Teaching qualification routes and guidance

The Academic Development team have created an interactive guide to support you in navigating the breadth of opportunites on offer.

Watch an introduction: Navigating the Academy’s Academic Development Offer 

Explore your pathways

In the Academic Development Offer, you can find out how to get started, get qualified, develop your scholarship, enhance your practice, get connected, get recognised and extend your reach.

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All Academic Development Programmes

Watch 'The Academy Developing and Recognising Teaching and Scholarship'.

Integrated Clinical Academic Training

If you are a clinical academic, someone who is a fully trained Consultant or General Practitioner (GP) from any medical specialty, you may be interested in developing your clinical academic career through Integrated Clinical Academic Training. 

Find out more on the Clinical Academic Careers website.


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