Academic Development Programmes

This section contains information to support you in your teaching role, including opportunities to develop your knowledge, skills and expertise and gain qualifications in learning and teaching in higher education. 
Our suite of Academic Development programmes provides an overview of programmes available for enrolment.

Click on the below the programme titles to find out about course content, requirements for completion, credits and any relevant accreditation. 

Introduction Programme for staff who are new to teaching in Higher Education (HE)

Foundations in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. For staff with limited experience who are early in their HE teaching career

Postgraduate Certificate Academic Practice. For staff with significant and substantive teaching responsibilities.

Postgraduate Diploma Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Exploring theory, policy and practice in HE.

Master of Arts Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. To develop skills in carrying out publishable educational research.

University of Liverpool Teaching Recognition and Accreditation. A non-taught pathway for experienced staff.

  • Academic Development Programmes Summary




    Requirements for Completion


    Introduction to Learning & Teaching

    - Induction to teaching at Liverpool
    Optional Modules:
    - Introduction to Demonstrating
    - Advanced Demonstrator session

    Non-credit bearing blended workshops  An essential introduction to those new to teaching 

    Aimed at those early in their HE teaching career with limited prior teaching experience

    - Introduction to Supporting Student Learning
    - Developing Reflective Practice

    Non-credit bearing blended workshops, online resources, support and workplace learning 

    HEA Associate Fellow

    Aimed at colleagues with substantive and significant teaching responsibilities

    ADEV700: Developing Academic Practice
    ADEV701: Individual Investigation
    2 compulsory modules 60 credits at level 7 and
    HEA Fellow

    PG Dip LTHE
    Aimed at those with an interest in exploring the relationship between theory, policy and practice in HE

    EDEV200: Theory and Practice in Learning and Teaching
    EDEV201: Research Methods for Professional Practice
    EDEV403 or EDEV406: Optional Module

    Successful completion of PGCAP or equivalent plus two compulsory and one optional module  120 credits at level 7

    Following from the PG Dip LTHE, aimed at those wanting to further develop skills in carrying out publishable educational research

    -EDEV300: Dissertation Successful completion of PG Dip LTHE or equivalent plus dissertation  180 credits at level 7

    Non-taught pathway for experienced staff

    - Reviewing experience and current expertise in learning and teaching, and planning further development
    - Engaging in relevant CPD, and ultimately applying for HEA Fellowship
    Successful application for a HEA Fellowship at the appropriate level according to applicant experience HEA Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow or Principal Fellow

    To find out more about HEA Fellowships, visit the Higher Education Academy Fellowship pages.

Messages from Programme Participants

“Thank you for your inspiring teaching workshop…I've learnt a lot from a teacher’s prospective and…have a deeper understanding of the role of a teacher”

“It was one of the best workshops I have attended in a very long time. I found the breadth of information very useful and I was thoroughly engaged for the whole day”

“...thank you for the course...I found it really informative, well-structured and well will be very helpful on the start of this teaching journey!”