Algorithms researchers in the department focus on the theory and applications of algorithms and also on understanding and coping with complexity. The group is led by Professor Paul Spirakis.

The group works in a state of the art software lab, in cooperation with the School of Electrical Engineering, Electrinics and Computer Science initiative NeST (Network Sciences and Technologies). The lab is equipped with several servers, software platforms, a network of tiny devices (arduinos) and several high-speed connections. The lab aims to apply algorithms to create modern and efficient software and has already produced some software products in cooperation with local industry.

The section is organised thematically in three corresponding research groups:

Algorithms, Complexity Theory and Optimisation Algorithms

Algorithms, complexity theory and optimisation

This group works on fundamental questions about what can be computed in principle and what amount of computational resources such as time and space are required to perform those computations.

Economics and Computation Game theory

Economics and computation

The focus of the group is on research in algorithmic game theory, which looks at situations with strategic users and aspires to explain and provide guarantees for their strategic outcomes.

Networks and Distributed Computing Networks and communications

Networks and distributed computing

This research moves towards a better understanding of the structural and communication properties of networks and distributed systems.