Staff Profile Suzanne Cottriall

Suzanne Cottriall

Veterinary Science

Suzanne relates the wide scope of her daily work as a Programme Coordinator in Veterinary Physiotherapy.

Description of my job

My job has two parts – the first is to run the Veterinary Physiotherapy postgraduate programme which is a blended learning course that is available world-wide. I have students from New Zealand to Sweden who are all qualified human Physiotherapists who are now specialising in animal physiotherapy. The second part of my job is clinical and I work in the hospitals at the Leahurst campus – small animal, equine and farm animal.  I am basically a Chartered Physiotherapist who does all the usual physiotherapy on animals rather than people!

Best thing about working at the University of Liverpool

A number of things come to mind; the clinical support structure, the opportunity to teach others in a real environment, the fact that the animal comes first and the personal respect that staff have for each other.