Campus safety

Welcome to campus. It’s nice to have you back.

A lot might have changed in recent months, but some things have stayed resolutely the same. Like the warmth and welcome of our great city, and the strength and resilience of our University community. Discover how we are keeping you safe, the part you will play in #TeamLivUni, and what to do if you need help.

Campus safety measures

Find out what we're doing to keep you safe on campus.

Get a Covid-19 test

Find out how to get an on-campus Covid-19 test.

Self-isolation guidance

Guidance on what to do if you're self-isolating.

Test results: next steps

The steps you need to take once you receive your Covid-19 test result.

Your responsibilities on campus

There are a number of things you need to do whilst you're on campus to help keep yourself and others safe.

Being part of our community

Whether you are staying in halls, or you have ventured out to live in our local community, you have a responsibility to help us to maintain positive relationships with our neighbours and the wider community.

Symptoms of Covid-19

Find out more about Covid-19 symptoms and what to do if you develop them.

Advice and guidance for international students

Guidance for international students on travelling to the UK and quarantine support.

Advice and guidance for staff

Guidance for staff on topics such as mental health support, returning to campus, staying safe and more.



There are a number of vaccinations on offer to students and staff at the University, including Covid-19 vaccinations. Find out more about the protection provided by UK vaccinations.

Wellbeing and mental health support

Find out about services available for students including mental health and wellbeing advice.

Travelling safely

Whether you are moving home or simply getting to and from campus from your term-time address, we advise that you follow safer travel guidance at all times.

Keep up to date

You can find out what is happening on campus by checking our Student News pages and regularly checking your University email account.

You might also find My Notices helpful for accessing information about events, workshops and other opportunities which are taking place on campus and in the city.

And don’t forget you can follow us on InstagramTwitterFacebook and Tik Tok to keep up to date with University news and guidance.



For further guidance on anything related to Covid-19 at the University please contact our Covid Advisory Service Monday - Friday 10am - 4:30pm on or call 0151 795 9500.

You can find information here about national restrictions put in place by the UK Government to try to contain the spread of COVID-19.

You can find information about local restrictions for Liverpool on the Liverpool City Council webpages.