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Our successes

Established in 1881, we pride ourselves in having a long history of collaborating with a variety of organisations and stakeholders regionally, nationally and internationally to improve health and achieve social and economic benefit.

We have received a range of awards, funding and commissions for our collaborative work.

Here are just some of our recent successes showcasing how through our collaborations we not only achieve societal impact but also contribute to the success of organisations as they achieve their full potential.

Our proudest achievements

The University’s extensive expertise is in exactly the areas where we want to develop functionality so it’s proving to be an exciting and productive partnership.

Tomo Yasuda, Managing Director of Cookpad

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Our range of work:

Ingredients lined up on table with someone holding an iPad

Bringing artificial intelligence to Cookpad

Our computer scientists carried out consultancy services for Cookpad, the world's largest recipe sharing platform.

Doctor examining young female patient's eyes

Developing a novel therapy for an eye disorder

An industrial collaboration around ageing and chronic disease developed a novel therapy to treat a common eye disorder.

CSols Ltd KTP

Improving laboratory efficiency

KTP with CSols Ltd develops entities to act as software wrappers for a variety of lab equipment.