Andreas Goebel

Director of the Pain Research Institute

Reader in Pain Medicine, University of Liverpool

Honorary Consultant in Pain Medicine, Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust

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Main research interests

Investigation of the roles of IgG-autoantibodies in causing chronic pain, and assessment of new immune treatments for such patients suffering from such pains. We are worldwide leading in this area of 'autoantibody pain’ research. Our focus has been on the group of unexplained, severe 'chronic primary pains' (1), particularly an uncommon pain syndrome affecting distal limbs after trauma, ‘Complex Regional Pain Syndrome’, and a common pain syndrome affecting all of the body, 'Fibromyalgia Syndrome'. 
(1) Nicholas M, et al. The IASP Classification of Chronic Pain for ICD-11: Chronic Primary Pain. Pain 2019; 160(1): 28-37