Richard Berwick

Specialty trainee in anaesthesia and pain medicine



Richard completed his preclinical medical training at Lincoln College, University of Oxford in 2010.  Working with Professor David Vaux, he gained an early interest in research looking for a treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. His clinical studies were undertaken at University College London, graduating in 2013.  He is currently a specialty trainee in anaesthesia and pain medicine in Mersey. 

 With experience of pain medicine at The Walton Centre during his early training years, Richard developed a passion for pain medicine.  In 2018 he became an honorary member of the Pain Relief Institute and started his project into fibromyalgia (Autoimmunity-Informed Phenotyping in Fibromyalgia Syndrome).  Richard has presented his work at a number of national and international conferences and was awarded the Jackson Rees Medal and John Utting Award from the Liverpool Society of Anaesthetists.

 Pursuing his strong research interest, Richard started a PhD at University of Liverpool in November 2020 looking into the immune basis of fibromyalgia as part of a collaboration with King’s College London.  This has been kindly supported by the Pain Relief Foundation. He will continue his research alongside his clinical training.  Richard is passionate to see lives changed by his research and clinical work and is excited to see what the future brings for the pain community.