Andy Marshall

Senior Clinical Lecturer University of Liverpool

Honorary Consultant the Walton Centre


Main research interests

My broad research focus involves investigating the structure and function of small nerve fibres, mainly C-Fibres, in both health and disease (e.g. in small fibre neuropathy). This work involves imaging of C-Fibres (skin and cornea) as well as functional assessments with quantitative sensory testing (using the German Pain Consortium protocol) and microneurography.

I work with the early neuropathy assessment (ENA) group at the University of Manchester. This group has developed a rapid, non-invasive way of quantifying small nerve fibre innervation density using confocal microscopy of the cornea. This has been applied to diabetic small fibre neuropathy as well as many other conditions.

I have also been probing the spinal circuits involved in pain processing in painful and non-painful neuropathy in a translational study with the ENA and in collaboration with colleagues at University College of San Diego.

My work at Liverpool John Moores University focusses on assessing the physiological properties of first order sensory nerves using microneurography. Here activity in single afferent nerves, including large and small nerve fibres, can be recorded to standardised skin stimulations and linked with perception.

My particular interest, and the thrust of current work, relates to a relatively recently discovered C-Fibre, the C-Tactile afferent, which appears to be involved encoding pleasant, affiliative, touch as well as having a significant pain modulatory effect. I am also studying the spinal cord processing of the C-Tactile afferent system in collaboration with Dr Manohar Sharma at the Walton Centre.

Ongoing studies

  • Evaluation of C-Fibre function pre/post cordotomy: an investigation in to role of C-Tactile afferent in affective touch
  • Microneurography recording of A-beta and C-Fibres in hairy skin in awake human subjects
  • Developing a model to evaluate C-Tactile fibre contribution to allodynia and for testing new topical medications O’Neill F, Marshall A, McGlone F
  • Corneal confocal microscopy as a surrogate marker of small fibre neuropathies
  • The propane study – an EU funded project assessing of sodium channel phenotype in painful and non-painful neuropathy
  • Utility of corneal confocal microscopy in burning mouth syndrome O’Neill F, Marshall A
  • Investigating Spinally-Mediated Hyperalgesia in Small Fibre Neuropathy

Publications 2014-2016

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