Helen Poole

Reader in Applied Health Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University

Contact: H.M.Poole@ljmu.ac.uk

Main research interests

  • Patient experiences of chronic pain and its psychosocial impact.
  • Evaluating the effect of treatment for chronic pain.
  • Developing and testing of patient reported outcome measures for pain and quality of life.


I’m a Health Psychologist and Reader in Applied Health Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University where I combine teaching, with research and consultancy. In addition to my LJMU role, I am an active member of the Pain Relief Foundation and Chair of the Scientific Sub-Committee.

Ongoing studies

  • Establishing the magnitude of a clinically meaningful difference in quality of life for patients with neuropathic pain (Poole HM, Frank B, Mavrianou A … & Nurmikko TJ)
  • The cognitive impact of gabapentiniods in patients with Fibromyalgia (Poole HM, Frank B, Moore D, Montgomery C et al)
  • Mindfulness and post surgical pain (Hort-Atkinson R, Malinowski P & Poole HM)
  • Psychosocial factors in the experience of patients undergoing total hip replacement (Techamahamaneerat S, Mackridge A, Moorcroft C & Poole HM)

Publications 2013-2016

Sacco P, Prior M, Poole H, Nurmikko T. 2014. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation over primary motor vs non-motor cortical targets; effects on experimental hyperalgesia in healthy subjects.14: 166

Krska J, Morecroft CW, Rowe PH, Poole H. (2014). Measuring the impact of long-term medicines use from the patient perspective. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, 36(4), 675-678

Goebel A, Misbah S, Maciver K, Haynes L, Burton J, Philips C, Poole HM (2013). Immunoglobulin maintenance therapy in long-standing complex regional pain syndrome, an open study. Rheumatology, 52 (11): 2091-93

Krska J, Morecroft CW, Rowe PH, & Poole HM (2013). Issues potentially affecting quality of life arising from long-term medicines use: a qualitative study. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, 1-9.

Goodwin L, Fairclough SH & Poole HM (2013). A cognitive-perceptual model of symptom perception in males and females: the roles of negative affect, selective attention, health anxiety and psychological job demands. Journal of Health Psychology, 18(6), 848-857.