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Our mission is to encourage researchers in developing their own research ideas, by helping them to to transform their excellent ideas into projects. For an overview of our research click the link below

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What do we do here at PRI?

The Pain Research Institute (PRI) is a cross-departmental, interdisciplinary institute situated with the University of Liverpool, which additionally provides a platform across the Liverpool region to include pain researchers from NHS institutions and other Universities. The PRI researchers conduct their studies into the causes and treatments of chronic, cancer, and acute pains ranging from basic laboratory approaches over clinical research in both healthy volunteers and patients to randomised controlled trials assessing the efficacy of interventions, drugs and devices. Our administrative offices are situated at the Aintree University Hospitals’ Clinical Sciences Centre, together with the offices of the Pain Relief Foundation (PRF), a dedicated Pain Research Charity ( We have two dedicated laboratories for psychophysical investigations located at the ground floor of the same building. Our offices and laboratory infrastructure is funded in large part by the PRF. Much PRI research is conducted at additional sites across the Liverpool region.

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