Christopher Brown

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool 


Main research interests 

The aim of my research is to translate theory and evidence from cognitive neuroscience and pain psychology into the development of clinical methods for improving the long-term prognosis of patients with chronic pain. I collaborate with academics and clinicians in Liverpool, Manchester and Cambridge, providing access to diverse expertise spanning pain medicine and rheumatology, theoretical neuroscience and engineering.

Selected publications

Halicka, M., R. Duarte, S. Catherall, M. Maden, M. Coetsee, M. Wilby, and C. Brown, (2022). Systematic Review and meta-analysis of predictors of return to work after spinal surgery for chronic low back and Leg Pain, The Journal of Pain, 23(8). DOI:10.1016/j.jpain.2022.02.003.

Lee, M., Nahorski, M., Hockley, J., Lu, V., Ison, G., Pattison, L., Fletcher, E., ... Brown, C. (2020) Human Labor Pain Is Influenced by the Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel KV6.4 Subunit, Cell Reports, 32(3). DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.107941.

Power, A., Brown, C., Sivan, M., Lenton, A., Rainey, T., El-Deredy, W., . . . Watson, A. (2020). Individuals with chronic pain have the same response to placebo analgesia as healthy controls in terms of magnitude and reproducibility. Pain, 161(12). DOI:10.1097/j.pain.0000000000001966