Selina Johnson

Clinical Research Fellow and Pain Specialist Physiotherapist 

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Main research interests

The clinical focus of my research is improving the management of persistent pain, including pelvic pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and pain management programme interventions.  


In 2022 I completed my PhD, investigating low frequency nerve stimulation in the management of chronic neuropathic pain. As part of this work, I received NIHR funding via the research for patient benefit funding stream to conduct a randomised, double blinded, sham-controlled trial (the ENPENS study). Following on from my PhD I have been awarded a NIHR post-doctoral bridging scheme to complete a post-doctoral fellowship application to explore biopsychosocial approaches for the management of persistent pelvic pain. In addition to this I am involved in work that explores the early management of wrist fractures to prevent persistent pain and CRPS.  

After qualifying as a physiotherapist from The University of West England in 2000 I have worked in Liverpool. Since 200 I have worked in in area of chronic pain and completed my MSc in pain management (Cardiff University) in 2009. I currently work as a clinical research fellow at the University of Liverpool, with 60% clinical work based with the pain department at the Walton Centre. My clinical work gives me the opportunity to work on the various pain management programmes provided at the Walton Centre, and to provide individual physiotherapy support for chronic conditions including CRPS, and pelvic pain within the pain clinics. I am co-lead for the Cheshire and Merseyside Council for Allied Health Professionals research (CAPHR), research executive for The Pain Physiotherapy Association (PPA) and as deputy co-chair for the University of Liverpool Research Staff Association. These roles have allowed me to support research training and promote and build research activity.


Publications 2012-2022

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