Selina Johnson

Pain and Neuromodulation Specialist Physiotherapist


Main research interests

My interests lie in research relating to my current clinical work, including pain management programme interventions, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), pelvic pain and external peripheral nerve stimulation.


I currently work as a pain and neuromodulation physiotherapist at The Walton Centre. My work gives me the opportunity to work on the various pain management programmes provided at the Walton Centre, collaborating within the pain clinics providing individual physiotherapy support for chronic conditions including CRPS,and pelvic pain. As a clinician working within the field of chronic pain I am passionate about providing best patient care. In order to do this I believe clincians must take an active role evaluating current clinical practice and providing evidence regarding the treatments we use. I have recently been awarded NIHR funding via the research for patient benefit funding stream to conduct a randomised, double blinded, sham controlled trial examining the efficacy of external peripheral nerve stimulation in the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain. In association with this project I am undertaking a PhD. I am particularly interested in establishing whether in some cases this can help patients to modify medications or avoid further surgical treatments.

Publications 2015-2017

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Johnson S and Goebel A. Long term treatment of chronic neuropathic pain with external non- invasive peripheral nerve stimulation in five patients. Neuromodulation. 2015 (available on line)