Manohar Lal Sharma

Consultant in Pain Medicine, Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust


Main research interests

I am interested in cancer pain, spinal pain including sciatica, failed back surgery syndrome, and trigeminal neuralgia.


I am the Clinical Director of the Department of Pain Medicine at The Walton Centre and have been in practice in chronic pain management for more than 10 years. The highly specialised Pain Service has a large multi-disciplinary team comprising Consultants in Pain Medicine, Psychologists, Neurosurgeons, Specialist Physiotherapists, and Pain Nurses including Occupational Therapists; all managing chronic pain in a balanced, pragmatic, and holistic manner.

I am actively involved with the British Pain Society and the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Royal College of Anaesthesia in various educational and research activities. I have been the organiser of several successful UK pain meetings including EFIC Cancer Pain School in Liverpool and have many on-going research projects at the moment. I have also edited the specialist handbook on Practical Management of Complex Cancer Pain published by the Oxford University Press in February 2014, which was recently awarded first prize in oncology section at BMA annual book award, 2015.

My special interest is in cancer pain management and I have very close links with the local Hospice and Palliative Medicine. I hold a weekly joint cancer pain clinic to offer advanced treatments to relieve pain ranging from spinal infusions and spinal neurolysis, to complex neuroablative techniques, such as, cordotomy.

Ongoing studies

  • Micro-discetomy versus root blocks for acute sciatica: A randomised NIHR funded multicentre trial
  • Facet joint injection with or without usual care for low back pain: NIHR Funded, Feasibility, multicentre trial
  • Evaluation of c fibre function pre/post cordotomy: an investigation in to role of C tactile afferent in affective touch
  • Multicentre trial of safety and efficacy of Dorsal root ganglion stimulation for intractable neuropathic pain (PREDICT Trial)

Publications 2013-2016

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