Thomas Hofmann

In 2007 Thomas Hofmann finished his electrical engineering studies at the University of Nuremberg. Thereafter he continued with a Master’s course on photonic engineering. From 2009 to 2012 Thomas worked for Thermosensorik GmbH, a company building infrared high precision camera systems.

His projects were always application targeted and involved a combination of optical and electrical engineering. In his diploma thesis at Infratec GmbH in Dresden Thomas built a test station for a pyroelectric infrared detector with fabry-perot-interferometer. His Master’s thesis which he did at the POF-Application Center concerned a CMOS-camera module for Polymer Optic Fibres and at Thermosensorik he worked at the calibration process for infrared cameras.

Thomas started his Fellowship at CERN in September 2012. He has worked on the development of a laser emittance meter for the linear particle accelerator LINAC4. For the last three years Thomas has simulated the laser-particle interaction and used the results to build an instrument based on a fiberlaser and a diamond detector. The instrument was successfully tested and will be used  permanently at LINAC4.



Development of a laser emittance meter