The following projects have been undertaken at partner institutions:

University of Liverpool

  • Development of a compact, fibre optics-based electron accelerator
  • Development of a laser velocimeter 


  • Development of optimal ionization schemes for the dual dye - Ti:Sa laser system of the Resonance Ionization Laser Ion Source (RILIS) at the ISOLDE on-line isotope separator 
  • Research and development of photo cathodes sensitive to visible laser beams for photoinjector applications 
  • Development of a laser emittance meter
  • The development of narrow linewidth lasers for high resolution RILIS applications


  • Investigations into particle acceleration for hadron therapy 
  • Femtosecond X-ray sources from laser-driven electron accelerators 


  • Developing the current experimental research into laser acceleration to a pre-commercial level 


  • Computer-based modeling and experimental optimization studies into novel high voltage supplies and generators 


  • Integration of a resonant ionization laser ion source system into the existing off line test bench of the SPIRAL2 TISS 
  • Study of resonant laser ionization in the REGLIS low energy branch of the S3 spectrometer at SPIRAL2-GANIL


  • Development of a high brightness superconducting RF photo injector for electron-laser interaction experiments at the ELBE accelerator facility 
  • Laser particle acceleration and laser driven Thomson x-ray backscattering on electron sources 


  • Study of neutron production from 2 stage nuclear reactions driven by terawatt laser-target interactions


  • Measurement of the longitudinal bunch shape with electro-optical techniques in an electron accelerator
  • Precision determination of electron beam energy with Compton backscattered laser photons 


  • Accelerator Timing Monitor with Femtosecond Precision

University of Dundee

  • An advanced electro-optic bunch time profile monitor for the CERN CLIC Project - development of novel materials and techniques