Measurement of the longitudinal bunch shape with electro-optical techniques in an electron accelerator

Trainee: Andrii Borysenko
Supervisor: Michael Nasse

‌‌Installation of the EO monitor into the UHV system of the ANKA storage ringThis project aims at the realization and use of a high resolution electron bunch length and shape detection system. It is based on electro-optical techniques and measures the transient electric field of the electron bunch. Special care must be taken for the system to be suitable for the specific operation conditions at the new linear accelerator currently being designed at KIT. 

‌The goal of this project is to design new diagnostics for short bunches and to further the understanding of beam dynamics effects.


Precision determination of electron beam energy with Compton backscattered laser photons at ANKA 

Trainee: Cheng Chang
Supervisor: Michael Nasse

One of the most important parameters of a storage ring is the electron beam energy and has to be known very accurately. So far at ANKA, the method of resonant depolarization is used to determine the energy at around 2.5 GeV precisely.
At lower beam energies, however, this method becomes cumbersome and alternatives have to be found. One such method is the detection of Compton backscattered photons. A setup for such an energy determination will be developed at the booster of ANKA at an energy level of 500 MeV.

compact Compton backscattering setup with a storage cavity of laser on the booster ring of ANKA



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Images courtesy of KIT