Study of neutron production from 2 stage nuclear reactions driven by terawatt laser-target interactions

Trainee: Stanimir Kisyov
Supervisor: Horia Petrascu

High power laser pulses are able to accelerate electrons and heavy ions at high energies, inducing a huge number of nuclear reactions events and intense fluxes of radiations including X-rays, gamma-rays and neutrons. Whether for the optimization of laser driven neutron generators or for the characterisation of heavy ion acceleration mechanisms, a complex neutron detection system will be a valuable tool to measure the energy and angular distribution of generated neutron flux taking advantage of neutron time of flight to coupe with huge prompt gamma ray flash.

This project requires an integral approach into the simulation of the experimental conditions, i.e. the events triggered by the laser system, and the response of different types of neutron detectors. The trainee will carry out numerical studies, use existing detector systems including associated fast electronics and data acquisition systems and will participate in experiments, off-line data analysis and the dissemination of results in conferences and articles. They will be embedded into an international collaboration and will profit from the experience at IFIN-HH, at the neighbouring Institutul National de Fizica Laserilor, Plasmei si Radiatiei (INFLPR) and European partners where high power lasers system are in operation. The trainee will also be trained in the development of latest control system technologies, an important element of the overall system integration.


Scientist in charge: 

Horia Petrascu