Computer-based modeling and experimental optimization studies into novel high voltage supplies and generators 

Trainee: Kamil Nowacki
Supervisor: Jaroslav Moravec

‌High voltage (HV) supplies and generators are a requirement of many projects within LA³NET. At FOTON Kamil works on the design of novel HV power supplies and generators, carrying out tests and experimental work. Within the project he is responsible for optimization of circuit design performance with SPICE simulation and analyses. The SPICE environment allows him to reduce design errors and prototype faster. Printed circuit board (PCB) design is also a part of his everyday work on the optimization of HV instrumentation.

Hands-on work at FOTON on understanding different elemental blocks used in a HV power supplies allows him to accumulate comprehensive knowledge about overall efficiency, accuracy, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) properties and thermal management of power supplies and create better solutions. Regular discussions with network partners about their HV requirements help to define future standards and also ensure a bi-directional knowledge exchange. Tests of developed systems in partner’s laboratories will finalize this project.

Image courtesy of FOTON


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