Kamil Nowacki

Kamil studied Electronics and Telecommunications at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland. As a graduate with specialization in optoelectronic, he received a thorough education in the field of photonics and had the opportunity to participate in many theoretical and practical classes. During his studies he developed a keen interest in the subject of advanced power supply units and control systems.

In his Master’s thesis, Kamil focused on developing a high power laser diode power supply with current and temperature stabilization for a project carried out by the Institute of Optoelectronics at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. From 2008 he developed his professional competencies in the R&D department of a private company operating in a CCTV market.

In June 2012, Kamil joined the LA³NET project as a trainee at FOTON where he worked on design of novel high voltage power supplies.




Computer-based modeling and experimental optimization studies into novel high voltage supplies and generators