Mateusz Tyrk

Mateusz Amadeusz Tyrk is an LA³NET Fellow based at the University of Dundee. Before joining the network he studied Applied Physics (MSc Eng) in the Gdańsk University of Technology (Politechnika Gdańska), where he gained experience from the interfaces of applied physics, mathematics and numerical analysis. After moving to Scotland in 2012 he started working as a laser systems engineer at Coherent Glasgow – the Scottish branch of one of the biggest laser manufacturers in the world.

In September 2012 he joined the LA³NET consortium. Within his project he has been developing novel electro-optic (EO) materials in the form of thin-film 2D birefringent ‘metamaterials’ artificially produced to yield a high EO coefficient. These materials have been structured via laser processing of a suitable nanocomposite substrate doped with a noble metal. Various parameters for laser processing have been tested in order to achieve best results. Nonlinear optical methods have been utilised for accurate metamaterial characterization. Project activities included development and testing of the metamaterials at the University of Dundee and STFC Daresbury Laboratory, and incorporating them into EO beam profile monitors at Daresbury.


Materials And Photonics Systems (MAPS) group 


An advanced electro-optic bunch time profile monitor for the CERN CLIC Project - development of novel materials and techniques