Rui Pan

Rui graduated from Capital Normal University (CNU), Beijing, China in 2010 with a Master’s degree. His Master’s thesis focused on THz time domain spectroscopy system and THz imaging.

In 2011, Rui joined the DITANET network and worked on the development of an electro-optical test set-up to measure longitudinal bunch profile on CALIFES which is a probe beam of CLIC test facility 3 at CERN. At the same time, Rui also worked towards a PhD at the University of Dundee in the topic of ‘Electro-optic diagnostic techniques for the linear collider’.

Rui joined the LA³NET project in December 2013 working in the Lasers and Diagnostics Group of The Accelerator Science and Technology Centre (ASTeC). He has mainly worked on developing single-shot techniques for measuring the arrival time of electron bunches, based on electro-optic techniques.



Accelerator Timing Monitor with Femtosecond Precision