Matthieu Veinhard

Matthieu studied applied physics at the University Paris VI – Pierre et Marie CURIE in France where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2012. After a year of ERASMUS exchange at the University of Manchester he continued his Master’s studies in Fusion Sciences at the University Paris VI. In 2014 he defended his Master’s thesis on the investigation of laser photo-detachment as a tool to measure the negative ion density in a highly electronegative plasma, aimed to be used for space propulsion.

In October 2014 Matthieu joined the LA³NET project in partnership with the CERN Resonance ionization Laser Ion Source (RILIS) team at ISOLDE, the radioactive ion beam facility of CERN. He has been involved in the development of narrow line-width lasers for high resolution RILIS applications.



The development of narrow linewidth lasers for high resolution RILIS applications