Jose Luis Henares

Jose Luis Henares was born in Palencia, Spain. He studied Materials Science Engineering at the University of Salamanca and attained his Master’s degree in June 2011. His Master’s thesis concerned the study of the tribological properties of metallic surfaces structured with femtosecond laser. The objective was to improve the life of mechanical parts subjected to wear strains.

He worked 18 months for the University of Salamanca in a project of aluminium sinterization from workshop debris and he spent 10 months at the CLPU facility in Salamanca employed to study radiation generation by femtosecond laser sources. He also received training on Industrial Design and Art History.

In 2012 Jose Luis joined the LA³NET project at the ion accelerator GANIL in Caen, France and enrolled in the PhD program of the University of Caen. His work has focused on the development of the Resonant Ionization Laser Ion Source system (RILIS) at GANIL to produce and study selective ion beams. During his research he has gained significant experience in laser technology, high voltage procedures, vacuum systems, detection techniques, ion beam transport and simulations.



Integration of a resonant ionization laser ion source system into the existing off line test bench of the SPIRAL2 TISS