Building Access Information

On this page you can find out the overall accessibility of the majority of University buildings. This information is primarily provided on the external AccessAble (formally DisabledGo) website, and complimented by additional University information.

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Table of Building Guides (A-Z)

The table provides a full list of all AccessAble building guides for the University in alphabetical order. The table includes the Campus Map (PDF) building number and grid reference; and the Building Access Floor Plans (PDF). Alternativelly download the Disability Guides A-Z  excel table. 

AccessAble Building GuideBuilding NumberGrid RefAccess Floor Plan (PDF)

126 Mount Pleasant

114 B4 126 Mount Pleasant 

128 Mount Pleasant

776  C5  128 Mount Pleasant

1-7 Abercromby Square

153  D3  

26 Oxford Street

436-444 C4  

502 Lecture Hub

502 D6  

Accommodation Office

527 F7  

Ashton Building

422  D7 Ashton Building

Bedford House

505  D4  

Bioscience Building

216 G8   

Brett Building

423  F3  

Brodie Tower

233 C8  Brodie Tower

Cedar House

360  D10  

Central Teaching Hub

802  F6 Central Teaching Lecture Theatre

Chadwick Building Lecture Theatres

207   E6  

Children's Centre

220 G6  

Computer Services

224 F7  

Counselling Service

436 C4  

Crown Place

526/7 F6  

Cypress Building

108 E2  

Department of Chemistry

213 F5 Chemistry (Donnan) 

Department of Music

104 D2  

Department of Music

111 D2  

Dover Court

806 B9  

Eleanor Rathbone Building

106 D2   

Electrical Engineering Block A

235 E7 Electrical Engineering 

Electrical Engineering Block B

236 E7 Electrical Engineering 

Foresight Centre

359 C10  

Foundation Building

765 D7   

Front Chadwick Building

207 E5  

George Holt Building

231 D8 George Holt Building

Greenbank Student Village


Gordon Stephenson Building

109 D3  

Guild of Students

501 D6 Guild of Students

Harold Cohen Library

431 D8 Harold Cohen Library

Harrison Hughes Building

238 C7  

Hart Building

766 D6  

Hunter Suite

203 B9  

Jane Herdman Laboratories

201 B9  

Johnston Building

304 D8  

Joseph Proudman Building

259 B9  



Life Sciences Building

215 F8   

LSH Housing Office

776 C5  

Liverpool University Press

115 D3  

Magnetic Resonance Research Centre

310 E9  

Management School

425/427 F2  

Materials Innovation Factory


Mathematical Sciences

206 E6  

Melville Grove


Nicholson Building

203 B9  

NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre

214 G8   
North West Cancer Research Centre 329 C11  

Nuffield Wing

312/313 E8  

Occupational Health Services

444 C4  

Oliver Lodge Building

208 F4  

Philharmonic Court

655 C1  

Rendall Building

432 D2  

Ronald Ross Building

803 F9  

Roxby Building

107 E2  

Safety Adviser

444 C4   

School of Architecture

149 E4  

School of Histories, Languages & Cultures

146/7 E3  

Sherrington Building

312 D8  

Sir Alastair Pilkington Building

152 D2  

South Campus Teaching Hub

120 E2   

Sport and Fitness Centre

511 D4  Sport & Fitness Centre

Surface Science Research Centre

210 F4   

Sydney Jones Library

423 F3 Sydney Jones Library

Thompson Yates Building

301 C8 Thompson Yates

Tudor Close

675 C4   

University Veterinary Practice

220 G6  

University of Liverpool in London


Veterinary Teaching Suite

401 B8   

Victoria Gallery & Museum

421 D7  Victoria Gallery & Museum

Vine Court

805 F1/F2  

Vine Court Cafe and Restaurant

804 E1/E2  

Walker Building

237 C7  

Waterhouse Building Block A

351  D9  

Waterhouse Building Block B

352 C9  

Waterhouse Building Block C

353 C9  

Waterhouse Building Block D

354 C9   

Waterhouse Building Block E

355 C9  

Waterhouse Building Block H

358 C10   

Whelan Building

302 C8  Whelan Building

William Henry Duncan Building

809 F9  

Wyncote Sports Ground


Google Map

Two Google maps are provided below: 

  • Access Guide Map Key

A visual indicator of which buildings have AccessAble access guides represented by a disability symbol. For quick reference they have been colour coded to show general accessibility. Always refer to the full guide for details, for example a building accessed via a platform lift and a building with level access and automatic doors may both be classified blue.

Blue Full access to building or access to a majority of public areas.
Red Limited access or no access at all to the building or a majority of public areas.
  • Accessible Parking Bay Key:

The location and number of accessible parking bays for Blue Badge Holders and staff/students with a valid accessible parking permit. Represented by a colour coded parking symbol:

Blue 1 bay Orange 4+ Bays
Green 2 bays Black Bay/s not in use
Purple 3 bays  Red  Public Blue Badge bays

How to use the map

The google maps include 2 different layers, the one automatically shown being the building access guides. Click on the symbol to select the building, a information box will appear. To view the building guide click on the link which will open a AccessAble webpage. To view the car park map, click on the arrow on the top left of the map and select the 'Accessible Parking Locations' options and the parking bays will appear. We recommend de-selecting the 'Building Disability Access Guides' option to provide a clearer map view.