Accessible Parking Bays

Accessible Parking Bays (aka Disabled Parking Bays) are enlarged parking spaces specifically designed to aid a disabled person to get into and out of a vehicle. This may include getting a wheelchair or scooter into and out of a vehicle using ramps or lifting mechanisms. 

Accessible Parking Bays are typically located as close as possible to the accessible entrances of building, or the closest point in the car park to the nearest path. 

Only individuals with an in date and correctly displayed Blue Badge or University Permit are allowed to park in an Accessible Parking Bay

The Accessible Parking Bay includes the chequered area (usually yellow or white), and the route from the bays to the pavement must remain unobstructured. A vehicle parked in a bay, blocking a bay, or blocking the access routes from the bays to the pavement may be subject to a penalty notice is accordance with the car park regulations. 

Location of Accessible Parking Bays

The tables below outline the location and number of accessible bays on the main campus, Greenbank Student Village, Leahurst, and Ness Gardens, correct as of October 2019. Also see Accessible Parking Map (Liverpool). 

NOTE: Bays listed in the tables may be temporarily unavailable due to building works or car park closures.

Liverpool Campus

Car ParkMap Grid Ref# of baysImage
3 F2 3  
5 E1 2  







7 D2 5  
13.1 E6 3  
13.3 E6 4  
13.5 E5 6  
14 D5 5  
15 D5 1  
16 D6 3  
17 C7 4  
18 F8 4  
19 E8 8  
20 E9 6  
21 D9 1  
23 D9 1  
25 C9 5  
26 C9 3  
27 C8 4  
28 C9 3  
29 B8 2  
30 C11 3  
31 C9 2  
32 F7 4  
Small Vet Practice G6 2  

Greenback Student Village

Car ParkMap Grid Ref# baysImage
Derby Old Court Annexe n/a 1  
Derby / Rathbone Halls n/a 5  
Roscoe / Gladstone Halls n/a 6  

Leahurst Campus

Car ParkMap Grid Ref# of baysImage
Main Building n/a 2  
Leahurst House n/a 1  
Small Animal Hospital n/a 3  
Henry Edwards Learning Centre n/a 1  

Ness gardens

Car ParkMap Grid Ref# of baysImage
Car Park 1A n/a 9  
Car Park 1B n/a 4