Postgraduate Research at the Department of Communication and Media

About Our Research

The Department has a long-standing reputation for interesting and innovative research which puts different modes of media and communication under critical scrutiny, and explore their various roles in the mediation of political and social values and meanings.

Contexts of media production and contexts of media reception have been as important as textual analysis in many of its ventures as has been the wider notions of space and culture which nest mediated social practices.

The interest in contemporary communications is at the heart of our enterprise, though always with a focus on how media from print journalism, online and social communication to film, radio and TV deploy their affordances to communicative and social effect.

The Department has a wide range of research interests currently grouped within our four research groups: Culture, Space and MemoryDiscourse, Data and SocietyMedia, Politics and Society; and Screen and Film Studies.

Members of the Department founded the interdisciplinary Digital Media & Society Institute (DMSI) which is located in the Digital Innovation Facility (DIF) at the University of Liverpool. We also undertake innovative research in the Centre for Culture and Everyday Life (CCEL),the Centre for Digital Politics, Media and Democracy (DigiPol) and the Language, Data and Society (LANDS) Research Centre.

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