Media, Communication and Politics Research Seminar Series, 2017/18

Media, Communication and Politics Research Seminar Series

November 10, 4pm

Illuminating 2020: Presidential Campaign Advertising on Facebook

Dr. Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Professor in the School of Information Studies

The 2020 U.S. presidential election is running ads heavily on Facebook. My research project, Illuminating 2020, is analyzing those ads to understand who the campaigns are targeting. In this talk, I will briefly talk about the project, why campaigns run ads on social media, and some of our key findings so far.


Jennifer Stromer-Galley is Professor in the School of Information Studies, and Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs. She has been studying “social media” since before it was called social media, studying online interaction and strategic communication in a variety of contexts, including political forums and online games. She has published over 50 journal articles, proceedings, and book chapters. Her award-winning book, Presidential Campaigning in the Internet Age (Oxford University Press), provides a history of presidential campaigns as they have adopted and adapted to digital communication technologies. She is the lead researcher on the Illuminating 2020 project. Funded by the John S and James L Knight Foundation, the project aims to increase transparency of political advertising on social media.