Fiona McBride

Dr Fiona McBride

Senior Researcher Developer (Prosper)

Job Description

As the Senior Researcher Developer leading Prosper (unlocking postdocs' career potential) I’m responsible for the ongoing delivery, development and evaluation of Prosper, working with colleagues both within and beyond Liverpool to achieve this.

I’m responsible for the management of staff working on Prosper as well as setting and evaluating Prosper activities. As lead I also keep up to date with policy and sector changes which impact this area, translating these into practical actions where necessary. I work primarily with postdocs, staff delivering postdoc career development, principal investigators and employers.

The main aspects of my role include:

  • Developing, commissioning and delivering development sessions to enhance postdoc career development, both within the University of Liverpool and open across the sector
  • Engagement with the sector to boost Prosper’s uptake across the UK
  • Actively encourage and respond to feedback to continuously improve Prosper for all users
  • Continue to ensure Prosper’s resources are relevant to researchers across all disciplines and as accessible as possible.

Evaluating and reporting on the success of Prosper, ensuring it stays relevant and evolves with the needs of all stakeholders and in response to external policy changes.


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