What is our Doctoral Training Programme?

    Our students work at one of the three host partners, registering for a PhD at the University of Manchester or Liverpool. Their research projects may be exclusively based at one of the partners, or involve collaboration between them – but the training programme is provided jointly. Our training is tailored to suit the individual needs of each student, drawing on our strength in each research theme, as well as providing a broader environmental overview to the research challenges in environmental sciences. The studentships are for 3.5 years with a possible extension to 4 years in exceptional circumstances.

    Research Research


    We are internationally renouned for our research in the Atmosphere, Oceans, Earth and molecular Environmental Sciences. Our research questions are addressed using a range of approaches including field-based measurements, cutting-edge laboratory and molecular analyses, novel experiments with numerical models, application of fundamental theory, and analyses of historical and climatological data.

    Training Training


    The aim of our DTP programme is to develop you into an independent researcher capable of competing for the best jobs and research opportunities. To do this we develop academic rigour and understanding, subject-specific knowledge and skills, interdisciplinary knowledge and awareness, and transferable skills.