Our research addresses fundamental questions as to how the Earth System operates and the environmental challenges we all face, particularly focusing on key processes acting in the Atmosphere, Ocean and solid Earth including the surface and interior.

Our research is organized around three major themes:

  • Atmosphere - Atmospheric Sciences at Manchester has an international reputation for studies of clouds and aerosols, atmospheric dynamics, atmospheric chemistry and pollution, radiative transfer and meteorology. Find out more
  • Ocean - Ocean Sciences at Liverpool has an international reputation for its work on climate change, including how the ocean is warming and sea level is rising; how ocean physics and biogeochemistry interact together, including the cycling of nutrients, trace metals and carbon, and their effects on the ocean ecosystem; advanced numerical simulations of the oceans, working closely with the UK Met Office; and in state of the art observational techniques, including the use and interpretation of data from autonomous marine robotic platforms. Find out more
  • Earth and Environment - In Earth Sciences at Liverpool and Manchester, we aim to understand the earth from the core to surface. Our Environmental Science research examines the geochemical and biological controls on the cycling of toxic elements and nutrients at the Earth’s surface. Find out more

Our research questions are addressed using a range of approaches including field-based measurements, cutting-edge laboratory and molecular analyses, novel experiments with numerical models, application of fundamental theory, and analyses of historical and climatological data.