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This Doctoral Training Programme is designed to train the next generation of environmental researchers focussing on the themes of atmosphere, ocean, earth and environmental sciences.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a major research University with a broad range of research activity in the NERC remit. The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences has well-established research groups in Atmospheric Sciences, Earth Sciences, Molecular Environmental Sciences and Ecology and Evolution. This allows us to cover topics as diverse as atmospheric physics and chemistry, tectonic processes operating in the Earth, environmental pollution impacts, and ecosystem functioning.

The School has state-of the art facilities, a vibrant postgraduate culture and strong links to national and international research partners. Teams of well-qualified supervisors enable each research student to develop their project in the best way possible. The University supports the DTP’s research training through a wide programme of courses in transferrable skills, and provides an extensive framework for monitoring progress which ensures each student gets the support they need.

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is a major research University, a member of The Russell Group of 24 UK research-led universities. The School of Environmental Sciences provides an integrated and collaborative research environment addressing fundamental questions as to how the Earth System operates.

The School consists of the Department of Earth, Ocean & Ecological Sciences, and the Department of Geography & Planning. NERC-supported research spans the full range of physical, chemical and biological processes acting in the Earth System, including current challenges of environmental and climate change, the use of natural resources and the risk from geohazards.

Liverpool provides a stimulating training environment for PhD students with an excellent completion rate. Liverpool is involved in two NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships. Students interested in 'Understanding the Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean', should consider this Doctoral Training Partnership jointly held with the University of Manchester and the National Oceanography Centre. Students interested in ecological change should consider the Doctoral Training Partnership jointly held between the Universities of Sheffield, Liverpool and York.

National Oceanography Centre

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) is one of the world’s major oceanographic institutions. Its scientific mission extends from the coast to the deep ocean and it is one of only a handful of institutions worldwide with such global scientific focus, discipline breadth and critical mass spanning the oceanographic sciences. We carry out marine science with a long term focus and work with others to ensure that advances in knowledge get translated into benefits for society.

NOC works on the most challenging scientific problems including: sea level change, its variability and extremes; the role of the oceans in the climate system; seafloor geological, geochemical and ecosystem processes; continental shelves in the Earth system; and developing state-of-the-art Earth System models that integrate the oceans, shelf seas and their ecosystems.