What does the Manchester-Liverpool DTP offer me?

The aim of our DTP programme is to develop you into an independent researcher capable of competing for the best jobs and research opportunities. To do this we develop academic rigour and understanding, subject-specific knowledge and skills, interdisciplinary knowledge and awareness, and transferable skills.

Our training programme has a variety of elements to meet these goals, which are described in more detail in the DTP Student Handbook.

  • At the core of the training is the PhD topic itself, where you advance the frontiers of knowledge and learn how science is done.
  • At the same time you will be offered a mixture of lecture courses and practical classes, residential summer schools, web-based training and an opportunity to go on outside placements.
  • While most of the training is organized around our thematic research strengths, there is also an introduction to interdisciplinary topics, designed to provide a wider context to your research and make you aware of the environmental challenges we all face. 
  • You will design your own training programme with advice from your supervisors, so that the training is targeted to your background and the needs of your project.

Training Table