Since Autumn 2023 we have held a number of ‘Thrive Together’ workshops online and in-person.

The workshops have been hugely successful and enabled us to work collaboratively to fine tune and enhance a new team-led model for research teams, which will be piloted though a live funding call with AHRC in 2024.

Read our latest blogs to find out how stakeholder insights have been instrumental in refining the new model.

Here’s a selection of some of the feedback our participants had to say, and scroll down further to find resources from past events.

A well organised workshop and really insightful to hear varied perspectives.

Really interesting to see convener skills are being more actively appreciated. I feel a little less silly including convening in my profile tagline now.

I found hearing about other people’s perspectives valuable, especially because the audience was quite diverse.

I felt like we were all genuinely included and our opinions were valued.


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Tuesday 27 February 2024 – Co-design Day
Tuesday 6 February 2024 - Developing a new approach to inclusive teamwork in research and impact leadership

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Monday 22 January 2024 - Thrive Together: co-designing a new model of team-based research

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Monday 4 December 2023 - Thrive Together: Co-creating a Convenor Model

Download the presentation:

Tuesday 14 November 2023 - Imagining and Developing a Model for Inclusive Collaborative Research

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