National Technicians Development Centre skills survey

The Technician Commitment steering group have recently approved the undertaking of the technician skills survey.

This project was completed in 2023 by the National Technicians Development Centre in conjunction with university working group comprised of:

  • Matthew Davis, Organisational Developer, The Academy
  • Jan Brett, Technical Development and Planning Offer, HLS
  • Carmel Pinnington, Technical Team Leader, School of Environmental Services
  • Michael Beiert, Technical Coordinator, School of the Arts
  • Tony Topping, Learning Technologist, School of Engineering
  • Rachael Bell, Technical Coordinator, School of the Arts
  • Bhavana Jagota, Senior Core Technician, Institute of Systems, Molecular and Integrative Biology
  • Mark Whitley, Technical Manager, Department of Physics
  • Stephen Chappell, Central Teaching Hub Supervisor
  • Sarah Northey, Senior Technician, Experimental Arthritis Treatment Centre for Children.

The aims of undertaking a skills survey for our technical workforce were:

  • To offer our technicians the opportunity to assess their current skills and to plan for future professional development
  • To enable Technical Leaders and Heads of Departments to identify potential future skill shortages or single points of failure, to include this in succession plans and any relevant recruitment planning
  • To raise the profile of our technicians by showcasing the wide range of skills and expertise they have
  • To identify local areas of expertise and good practice for potential internal job shadowing, training and/or work experience
  • To identify the potentially unknown skills in our technical workforce and explore ways in which these skills can be shared to develop our technical workforce.

Below you will find two organisation wide reports compiled from data gathered in the survey. These are:

More detailed information is being sent to each department for workforce planning and training needs analysis.

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