The Technician Commitment

The University of Liverpool has joined universities and research institutions from across the UK in backing a pledge to support technicians.
The Technician Commitment is a sector-wide initiative led by the Science Council, supported by the Gatsby Foundation to address key challenges facing technical staff working in research.

Through the Technician Commitment, five target areas have been identified to improve and safeguard vital technical skills.

The pledge will ensure greater visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians across all disciplines.

The commitment comes at a key time as the demand for technicians is increasing. More than 1.5 million technicians currently work in the UK, which is expected to rise by around 70,000 each year. Vice-chancellors and directors of research institutes from leading institutions across the UK have recognised the need to protect skills across their organisations by utilising and developing expertise.

Technician Commitment

The University has completed the second stage of self-assessment and action planning.

Download the related documents:

Find out more about the University Technician Commitment Steering Group.

Fair Attribution Guidance

Read the Fair Attribution Guidelines for Technical and Specialist Support which advises on how the contribution of technicians and facilities to a user's research can be attributed in an appropriate manner.

Statement of Expectations

Technicians make critical intellectual contributions to teaching and research through the provision of core technical excellence, and in maintaining and developing new technologies and methodologies across the University of Liverpool.

In addition to the responsibilities and expectations set out in the concordat to support the career development of Technicians and technical professional staff, The University of Liverpool wants to ensure that Technicians through grants are well supported as equal members of research teams, and have access to appropriate career development and progression.

Read the full Statement of Expectations for Technicians and Technical Managers / Leaders (including research leads managing technical staff).