Technicians Development

Technicians are entitled to attend any of the development activities provided by The Academy, the Safety Team and the Computing Services Department.

Also available to technicians are teaching training and access to the Mentoring Network.

Below you will find development opportunities both internal and external.

For queries related to development, please contact Matt Davis or Jan Brett.

Technicians Development Fund

Technicians and line managers of technical teams are invited to apply to the Technicians Development fund.

The fund is held centrally by The Academy and is to provide grants to support a developmental activity, event or project which will improve, enhance, or develop our technicians and the wider technical community.

Online CPD Resources

Remote Technicians Development

The Academy has collated online CPD resources aimed at all University of Liverpool Technical staff who would like to complete CPD.

In this area, you will find resources to help you access the right development opporutnities at the right time for you.


For information on how to access the introductory Learning & Teaching courses along with demonstrating workshops please The Academy - Academic Development pages. 


We have various options available to you depending where you are on your career progression. For those not yet in a supervisory role then you could take a look at the Stepping into Management Course. For those already in management who would like further development then you could apply for our Management Essentials Programme. Details of both can be found on the Leadership Programmes web pages (staff only).


Our capacity to provide technical training is limited and so we have corporate membership of Higher Education and Technicians Education and Development (HEaTED), which allows any technician access to the website and, through that, to their training provision.

What HEaTED can do for you:

  • Identifies, sources and develops specialist training courses for technical staff from all discipline
  • Provides members with discounted rates on specialist and soft skills professional development and training opportunities
  • Manages regional networks to enable colleagues from neighbouring institutions to meet and discuss hot topics, share best practice, promote development opportunities and more
  • Provides an online community where members can expand on discussion from regional network meetings, raise hot topics and share discussion and best practice with colleagues from other institutions
  • Uses the regional network meetings and online communities to serve as a 'representative voice' for the UK technical community in Higher Education and related fields.

Visit the website for more information and to self-register

The Academy has purchased a number of course credits that can be used by our technical workforce on a first come first served basis. To apply to use these credits email


Mentoring can encouraged you to challenge your assumptions, broaden your horizons, raise your aspirations and increase your achievements through individualised support. You can become a mentor yourself or use the service as a mentee. The relationship between a mentor and a mentee may last up to a year, or maybe longer. During the meetings, the focus is on the whole person, particularly in relation to career progression and enhancement. Find out more and access the Mentor Portal (staff only). 


Technicians often work in dangerous environments and therefore it is essential that the whole technical community keeps up to date with their health and safety CPD.

Access the development offer from the Safety Team (staff only) here.

Internal Job Shadowing

Internal Job Shadowing is an excellent opportunity to develop your existing skills, learn better practice, share ideas, discover how you can progress in your career and connect with the wider Imperial community. Job shadowing is beneficial to both host and ‘shadower’. We encourage people to initiate their own job shadowing.

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Guidance

Due to your role as a technician, it is likely that you will have student contact and therefore the potential possibility that a student may disclose a personal problem. These problems may relate to their mental health and wellbeing and it is important that you have some basic knowledge of what mental health is, what signs to look out for and how to have a conversation with a student if they do disclose mental health issues to you, where to signpost and refer for support and how to look after your own mental wellbeing.

Find out about Student Mental Health and Wellbeing.

External Development

Royal Society of Chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry has an approved training course database. All the courses have been peer-reviewed against a set of criteria, to ensure that they can support the professional development of those who attend. The database includes courses in the classroom, in the lab, or online, and there's something for every stage of your professional development. Search by subject area, location, duration, event type, and skill level to find the course that's right for you.

Apprenticeships for Technicians

Go to our Apprenticeships for Technicians area to find out about undertaking an apprenticeship as well as recruiting an apprentice. 

Case Studies

Career Development Opportunities for Technical Staff Involved in International Exchange Partnerships

Tony Topping, a Teaching and Research Technical Professional (RTP) in the School of Engineering, is involved with an exchange project with The Hague University of Applied Science (THUAS) where technicians accompany students on their exchange visits. He is also involved with the CDIO initiative, an education framework that develops engineering students and brings together collaborators from all over the world.

Read Tony's story (PDF, 100KB)