Guidance for Making an Impact 2020 Facilitators

This area contains advice and guidance about recommended practice for digital delivery for online live sessions & workshops. You will also find links to further resources that provided detailed guidance for facilitating sessions on Zoom.

Planning, designing and delivering engaging online sessions

In order to support our facilitators we have collated information to answer any questions and considerations you may have about running online sessions.

Please see below:

Additional general tips

  • If any written resources are being shared, make use of the ‘Styles’ section in Word (below) as this helps with people who use screen reading software e.g. it will tell the person if a word is a ‘heading’ or body text etc.
    Microsoft Word Styles
  • Share any written resources in advance so that people have time to process them. This supports anyone with dyslexia as well as those using screen readers due to visual impairments.
  • At the beginning of your session, ask participants about any adjustments they might need.
  • If sessions are interactive, consider offering people different ways to get involved – video might work best for some whereas chat would work better for others – so if both could be offered concurrently, that would be good. Allow time for all participants to respond – some may take a bit longer to respond and will feel frustrated if conversations are shut down before they can get involved. Using something that has a ‘raise hand’ function (such as Zoom) might help to ensure everyone gets a chance to be involved.

Further resources

The information provided in these pages has been adapted from:

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