Accessibility considerations when designing your session

For your session, you will need to consider;

  1.  Accessibility of any documents to be used / shared in the meeting.

  2. The accessibility of any powerpoints- if using powerpoint in Micro 365 it has an inbuilt subtitle function which when turned on will make them automatically to a fairly good accuracy (please see more details below).

  3. If not using subtitles you will need to consider how you are presenting i.e. can people see your mouth if they are lip reading.

  4. Recording of the meeting for future reference.

Using the Subtitles function in the PowerPoint version accessed through Office 365

In the "Slide Show" there is an option to add subtitles to a live presentation and decide where they show on the screen. All it needs is access to a microphone.

If using Office 365, the system can also learn key phrases by scanning text in the document so to make the text more accurate. Another benefit, is that if you are recording the presentation, the there are inbuilt subtitles for webinars and events. More information about this automated facility is available.

UoL official guidance for creating accessible content

Our content should be available to everyone. Making content accessible means it can be used by people with disabilities and on many different devices. Being accessible creates a better experience for all users. 

Find more information on accessability here.