10 top tips when delivering a pre-recorded session

  1. Where people are being filmed, make sure the light is good so that their face can be seen clearly for anyone who might be lip reading.

  2. Move to a quiet area and close the door.

  3. For the best sound quality, use a headset or handheld microphone.

  4. Silence noisy digital devices: set your smartphone to silent, turn off the ringer on additional phone lines, and disable audible alerts on your tablet.

  5. Keep water or something to drink nearby to keep your voice fresh. Any pauses to take a sip can be edited out.

  6. Pretend you are delivering your presentation to a live audience.

  7. Use neutral salutations if the recording is intended for a global audience.

  8. Use general greetings ("Hello" or "Welcome") rather than time of day greetings ("Good morning") if the conference is scheduled for a different time of day than your pre-recording session.

  9. To minimize noise, slide papers to the side rather than flipping pages.

  10. Zoom lets you pre-record videos. Be sure to to do a test run before you record the actual session. You should also explore Zoom's settings at least a few minutes before recording your session.