Stories of Impact Showcase Competition

This exciting opportunity was designed to encourage research staff from across the University to foster interdisciplinary networking and promote the communication of ideas. It was open to participants of the Creating Stories of Impact series of workshops during Making an Impact 2019. The style and scope of the showcase allowed researchers to present their ideas and work in the form of short films for a lay audience.

The Showcase

The showcase acted to encourage communication between researchers and enrich the calibre of research. It also enabled the development of links beyond academia and helped participants to present their research to a mixed audience of academics, industry and funders.

Creating Stories of Impact was led by Alys Kay, experienced trainer, coach, photographer and videographer. Alys is drawn to collaboration; getting to know the people she works with and experimenting with ways to bring out their voices and experiences. 

Competition entrants attended Part 1 and Part 2 of the Creating Stories of Impact series of workshops and had the opportunity to avail of expert advice during 1:1 surgeries consisting of a 30 minute consultation session about how they can improve their videos. 

The winning entry!

The winner of the Stories of Impact showcase competition is Research Associate, Dr Frances Sherratt, based in the Institute of Population Health Sciences.

Frances’ video, ‘Qualitative research in clinical trials’, was selected based on its original approach to showcase research impact across disciplinary, technical and/or other boundaries.

Speaking about her film, Frances said, “Qualitative studies are embedded in clinical trials with the aim of enhancing patient understanding of trials, improving health professional confidence in approaching patients about trials, and optimising trial recruitment. We have conducted several of these studies at the University of Liverpool. This video can be used by researchers working on qualitative studies embedded in trials to communicate the aims, processes and outputs of such studies to health professionals in a more engaging way, in order to increase support and engagement. The video can also be used to increase awareness and knowledge among a wider audience of the theme of ‘research on research’ and in particular the role and impact of conducting these sorts of qualitative studies embedded in clinical trials.”

Watch the winning video: Qualitative research in clinical trials.

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