Topical Workshops


OMA Topical Workshop - Accelerator Design and Diagnostics, GSI, Germany, December 11th - 12th

AVA Topical Workshop - Detectors and Diagnostics, Cividec, Vienna, October 15th - 17th  

OMA Topical Workshop - Diagnostics for Beam and Patient Monitoring, CERN, Switzerland, June 4th - 5th 

OMA Topical Workshop - Facility Design Optimization for Treatment, PSI, Switzerland, March 12th -13th



LA3NET Novel Accelerators Workshop, Paris, France, Oct 24th - 26th

LA3NET Laser Ion Source Workshop, Paris, France, Oct 24th - 25th 

oPAC Topical Workshop on BLM, Barcelona, Spain, Sept 15th - 16th

Workshop on a European Plasma Accelerator, Pisa, Italy, June 29th - July 1st 

Researcher Careers Workshop, Krakow, Poland, June 27th 



Advanced Researcher Skills Workshop, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, June 22nd-25th

5th LA³NET Topical Workshop Beam Diagnostics, Mallorca, Spain, March 23rd - 24th

4th oPAC Topical Workshop on Computer Aided optimization of Particle Accelerators, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany, March 11th - 13th



4th LA³NET Topical Workshop Scientists go Industry, Berlin, Germany, November 17th - 18th  

Workshop ‘Enhancing the employability skills of postgraduate researchers (PGRs)’ , The Cockcroft Institute, Daresbury, UK, June 11th 

3rd oPAC Topical Workshop on Beam Diagnostics, CIVIDEC, Vienna, Austria, May 8th - 9th

3rd LA³NET Topical Workshop on Novel Acceleration Techniques, HZDR, Dresden, Germany, April 28th - 30th

2nd oPAC Topical Workshop, Libera Technology, Instrumentation Technologies, Solkan, Slovenia, April 9th -11th



2nd LA³NET Topical Workshop on Laser Technology and Optics Design, Aachen, Germany, November 4th - 6th

CST Training Day, The Cockcroft Institute, Daresbury, UK, October 8th

1st oPAC Topical Workshop 'Grand Challenges in Accelerator Optimization', CERN, Switzerland, June 26th - 27th

oPAC Specialist Training Workshops:

  • Computer Simulation Technology (CST) ‘Particle Studio’, 24th June 2013, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland ‌
  • Bergoz Instrumentation ‘Beam Instrumentation’, 25th June 2013, Bergoz, France

9th DITANET Topical Workshop on Non-Invasive Beam Size Measurement for High Brightness Proton and Heavy Ion, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland April 15th -17th

1st LA³NET Workshop on Laser Particle Sources, Cern, Switzerland, February 20th - 22nd

PGR Skills Workshop, University of Liverpool, UK, January 22nd - 25th



8th DITANET Topical Workshop:  Beam Position Monitors, Cern, Geneva, Switzerland, January 16th - 18th



7th DITANET Topical Workshop:  Beam Loss Monitoring, Hamburg, Germany, December 5th - 7th

6th DITANET Topical Workshop: Detection Techniques, Seville, Spain, November 7th - 8th

5th DITANET Topical Workshop:  Technology Transfer, Solkan, Slovenia, September 29th - 30th

4th DITANET Topical Workshop: High Intensity Proton Beam Diagnostics, Massy, France, September 26th - 27th

3rd DITANET Topical Workshop: Ultra-High Brightness Electron Sources, Cockcroft Institute, Warrington, UK, June 29th - July 1st



2nd DITANET Topical Workshop: Longitudinal Beam Profile Measurements, Cockcroft Institute, Warrington, UK, July 12th - 13th



1st DITANET Topical Workshop on 'Low energy, low intensity beams', Hirschberg, Germany, November 24th - 25th

Joint QUASAR-THz Workshop on Accelerator Science and Technology, Pforzheim, Germany, September 6th - 10th