oPAC Specialised Training Workshops

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Two specialist training workshops have taken place on 24th and 25th June 2013 which were attended by all oPAC Fellows.

Computer Simulation TechnologyComputer Simulation Technology provided a one-day specialist training in their Particle Studio® Simulation suite on 24th June at CERN, Geneva. This important code is used by accelerator specialists around the world and often key to the design and optimisation of cavities, beam instrumentation or beam dynamics. Training included such topics as:  Setting up your own structure in CST Studio Suite®; understanding how to define a particle source and apply the available emission models to it; loading different types of pre-calculated fields for the particle simulation; using the different post-processing capabilities to read out field and particle result data; parameterising & optimising created and imported structures; tuning the mesh for optimum speed and accuracy and how to run Wakefield simulations.

Poster CST Training oPAC

On 25th June our Partners Bergoz Instrumentation hosted the network Fellows at their site in France. This training provided insight into the resources available within typical SME technology partners and included training areas such as building a Wi-Fi receiver; retrieval and assembly of manufacturer data sheets for performance critical components; measuring of instruments a critical approach and provision of an overview of oscilloscopes and network analysers.

Poster Bergoz Training oPAC

The support of our Partners with regard to training is extremely important to the success of the network and our thanks are extended to the staff from CST and Bergoz who were involved in facilitating such positively received workshops and for providing our Fellows with excellent industry- related training.