Xavier Nuel Gavaldà

Xavier Nuel Gavaldà has a degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona. In October 2011 Xavier started his Master’s degree in Synchrotron Radiation and Particle Accelerator at the Autonomous University of Barcelona  

In January of 2012 Xavier joined the ALBA Beam Dynamics section to work on the final thesis of his Master’s organised by and the Autonomous University of Barcelona and laboratory CELLS.   Xavier’s thesis is dedicated to the linear and non-linear optics model of the ALBA gradient dipoles and consists of a comparison between the different dipole models based both on the magnetic measurements and on the orbit response matrix.  For this thesis work Xavier used the accelerator codes Accelerator Toolbox (AT) for Matlab and MAD-X. The results of the beam dynamics calculations are compared with data of the machine using a hard-edge model approach for the combined dipole.

Xavier joined oPAC as a Marie Curie Fellow in December 2012 and is based at Soleil Synchrotron Light Source, France. The project is entitled “Improvement of the understanding of non-linear beam dynamics effects in light sources”  and is based in  optimizing linear and non-linear beam  dynamics of circular accelerators developing simulation codes based on genetics algorithms in order to explore all possible optical settings available for the current accelerator lattice.  The second part of this work will explore new challenging optics for reducing the effective horizontal emittance of Soleil. Xavier’s project is the object of a PhD thesis in Paris-Sud University, France.




Improvement of the understanding of non-linear beam dynamics effects in light sources