Miguel Fernandes

Miguel Fernandes was born in Porto, Portugal and has lived in the region of Lisbon since a child. There, he obtained the diploma in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Instituto Superior Técnico at the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, specialising in control and electronic systems.

After obtaining his degree, Miguel joined the telecommunication industry reference company Nokia Siemens Networks, where he stayed for 3 years.

Miguel then went to continue his studies at Instituto Superior Técnico and enrolled in a Physics Master’s degree. After finalising his Master’s degree Miguel worked as a research fellow at LIP - Laboratório de Instrumentação e física experimental de Partículas, in Lisbon, under the CMS project which is one of the two general purposes from the LHC experiments at CERN. There, he participated in a physics analysis for the search of beyond standard model super-symmetric stop particle.

From January 2013 Miguel is a Marie Curie Fellow under the oPAC project. His research will be conducted in the area of beam instrumentation, where he will be studying the application of hT-SQUID to superconductor beam current monitor. This work includes designing, implementing and measuring the performance of such system.




Studies into an HT-SQUID based beam current monitor